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Intro Day Workshop

Saturday 18th of
February 2023

Cost: ZAR 890.00


17,18 September 2022

Cost: Euro 285.00 (255.00 before 1/7)


Winter  2023 dates to be confirmed

Cost: ZAR 7900.00

Yoga For Sports

Level One

Single Weekend
15 hours

There is a growing interest in yoga among athletes but the needs of an athlete are often much more specific than a general yoga class can deliver. 

Athletes, coaches and trainers are looking to yoga teachers to help them in recovery, mobility, injury prevention, breathing and of course mental health and focus. 

Covers the basic concepts of Yoga For Sports and provides the foundations for working with yoga as an athlete or as a yoga teacher working with athletes.

Generally this is presented in 5 sessions over a weekend or 2 to 3 days.

Key outcomes are:

  • Understanding and practicing healthy breathing, and breath practices for athletes  to initiate calming, and improve recovery
  • Key biomechanical alignment principles for safety in yoga practice and for sustainable training in any field
  • Functional movement patterns and injury prevention in Yoga
  • A tried and tested foundation asana sequence which is scalable and adaptable with modifications for tight sportspeople
  • Yoga BreathingPranayama
  • The tools of the mind and entering flow state
  • An accessible meditation practice for beginners

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington has first-hand experience of working with top level athletes. Having been employed directly with the Indian National Cricket Team as the yoga coach in a bid to improve fitness and mental focus, and subsequently touring India with the Delhi IPL team for two seasons. 

Jim has been Remedial Therapist in clinical practice for 25 years and a senior yoga teacher trainer for 20 years. His mission has been to share yoga with athletes in an effective and practical way. 

The needs of athletes are different from the needs of any usual “beginner, intermediate or advanced” yoga practitioner and so this course the perfect introduction to best modify tailor yoga practices to any individual. 


19,20,21 August 2022
Cost: ZAR 2950.00

17, 18, 19 February 2023
Cost: ZAR 2950.00

Yoga For Sports

Level TWO

70 hours immersion

This is a deeper immersion into the yoga for sports techniques and methodology and has been offered as a specialist short course in London since 2015.  We build on the foundation of the short program and as such, some prior study of basic Anatomy and Physiology will be useful. This course refines and takes a deeper dive into the anatomy of spinal posture, optimum joint function and injury management with guidance on 31 specific alignment keys. 

It includes intermediate level Yoga breathing  and meditation methods for athletes and delves into yoga psychology and sports psychology.

Includes a supervised 6 week case study for Yoga Teachers to put into practice the lessons learned.

(6 day immersion or 6 single days)

A must for athletes, physiotherapists, biokineticists, yoga teachers and sports professionals. This cutting-edge training includes the most relevant and critical information in the field of Yoga for Sports.

Key outcomes are:

  • 31 Yoga alignment keys
  • The art of teaching for the needs of Athletes.
  • Breath-work for sports, respiratory fitness, improved lung volume  and understanding VO2 Max
  • The Oxygen Advantage in Yoga breathing
  • The science of Co2 tolerance in fitness
  • Yoga for Recovery needs
  • Yoga for pre–match preparation
  • Yoga for Alignment and muscle imbalances. Regaining optimum sports posture for performance and longevity in sport.  
  • Sports Injuries: how yoga compliments pre-hab and rehab
  • Further injury prevention in Yoga though alignment technique
  • How we learn. Conditioning, motor control, neuroplasticity and the role of a yoga practice.
  • Designing specific yoga programs for individual athletic performance
  • Designing a sport focused yoga class
  • Physical and Mental advantage in sports
  • How to work at a higher professional level
  • The human dynamics of teams and management as a yoga professional 
  • The Yoga philosophy and understanding of the mind applied to performance
  • This module concludes with a case study with an athlete as a practical application of the theory covered. (at least 15 hours)

This unique training will offer you the skills to work with and teach athletes effectively and safely. If you are a yoga teacher, wishing to work at a higher professional level with athletes, then this program will give you the required skills. This course requires and assumes a foundation knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology therefore some revision and a level of understanding of muscles and joint function, is expected. If you have no prior training then it is recommended to have completed the 60hrs Anatomy and Physiology Module or to have complete some other similar studies in the area to provide a base.


Jim Harrington – Lead trainer 

Stuart Dicke – Human movement specialist, Breathing specialist

 Dr Erwann Fabre – Osteopath, Physiotherapist & 200RYT

Reading List

Yoga for Sports Performance By Jim Harrington – Published by Hatchet

Recommended Reference, Anatomy of movement – Blandine



Winter  2023 dates to be confirmed 

Cost: ZAR 7900.00

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