This is the place where East meets West. 

Yoga for Sports is a bridge between evidence based modern sports medicine, and the ancient practices of the yoga tradition. We are interested in the commonality of these two fields more than their differences.


We aim to go a few steps beyond the usual method of teaching of yoga. Each type of sport has it’s particular training needs and typical injuries to avoid. That’s one level more than a generic yoga class. Then each individual person has their body’s needs, that’s another level.  Then if we consider the tendencies of the mind, the breathing and the balance of the nervous system for that individual then we are really getting beyond yoga as stretching.

“Teach not what you know, but what you know as it applies to your student”

These are the words of one of the fathers of modern Yoga traditional yoga therapist.

I feel that in teaching, as in any coaching or therapy, we aim for a productive conversation with a client and try hard to meet them where they are. Some yoga teachers come with a strong agenda of “putting square pegs into round holes” and I think this turns people away from yoga. That is a missed opportunity for an athlete because the techniques of yoga are proven to improve performance, recovery, mental health and strength, and also not least, with time, yoga will extend our sporting shelf life.

So the Yoga For Sports Method is yoga should be adapted and applied to suit the individual person’s needs. It is not yoga just for the sake of being ‘good at’ yoga. It is yoga with a particular direction and outcome in mind. It is based on assessment, knowing functional movement patterns and careful planning. Current evidence based medicine and sports medicine is confirming the value of many of the old yoga practices, such as breathing protocols (pranayama), meditation, non-sleep deep relaxation, visualisation and the use of postural exercises. Yoga is a technology and an ancient wisdom tradition that has always been about optimising mind-body performance. 


Jim Harrington

“My philosophy is that anyone who can breathe can do yoga. You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits. “

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington is a lifelong yoga practitioner, and athlete. He is a yoga teachers trainer, a physical therapist and yoga coach to pro athletes and teams. 

He is  an internationally published author, and a world traveller.

Jim’s yoga therapy and sports work is informed by a medical and scientific approach to yoga. The synthesis of ancient traditions with contemporary thinking and research-based science continues to inspire his approach to teaching yoga and meditation.   



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A great teacher from an authentic base of multiple disciplines. Clear, exploratory, fun, relevant. It has changed the direction of my teachings. I await the next course!

Diana Dearle

Jim is a very knowledgeable and experienced guy. His passion for sharing yoga is very evident, and he has a very reassuring, calm and grounding presence as a teacher. This is a great energy to learn with.

Scott Lowe

For the majority of us, yoga is about our own limits. For me is not about doing posture X – it’s about trying to do it, changing physiologically as you try, learning from it, making the impossible possible and defining a new limit. For that reason alone it contributes to the whole of my life.

Chris Locker

Yoga practice was a deciding factor in my success as a batsman” As a Junior, I would start my day early with some yoga stretching followed by focused breathing practice. Then at seven am I would go directly to batting practice and bring that calm focus along with me

VVS LAxman – Indian Cricket Team

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