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Making Good Athletes Perform Better with Yoga

Our unique offering of sports-specific yoga programs are built for professional as well as amateur athletes.
Each program is designed for the unique needs, sport and position of the athlete.


Yoga is not a one size fits all program.
We adapt and tailor yoga to each individual sport. A personal consultation can take it further, and optimize the yoga program for the individual you. Repetitive actions cause muscle imbalances. Each sport has its own unique set of common imbalance problems.


This training is based on a thorough understanding of the anatomy of movement, biomechanics of sports, and the physiology of breathing.
It is applied Hatha yoga for contemporary athletes.


The modern athlete is looking to improve performance with the minimum expenditure of time. With a streamlined, time efficient yoga routine, you can train for flexibility, core stability, body alignment and mental toughness all at once. We have designed routines of 20 minutes, 3-5 times a week.


Jim Harrington

“My philosophy is that anyone who can breathe can do yoga. You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits. “

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington is a lifelong yoga practitioner, yoga teacher trainer and yoga coach to professional people. He is the founder of ReUnion Yoga & Meditation Studio and YogaForSports, an author, writer and world traveller.

Jim’s teaching is informed by a medical and scientific approach to yoga. The synthesis of ancient traditions with contemporary thinking and research-based science continues to inspire his approach to yoga and meditation.  



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“I have worked on both the therapeutic needs of an average person and an elite sportsperson. Over the years I have applied my yoga knowledge to surfing and running which are my main sports. I have also learned much by working with top level professional cricketers. Through this process I found that I have a unique skill set that bridges the gap between traditional yoga and modern sport, encouraging a healthy dialogue between the disciplines.”

Jim Harrington

A great teacher from an authentic base of multiple disciplines. Clear, exploratory, fun, relevant. It has changed the direction of my teachings. I await the next course!

Diana Dearle

Jim is a very knowledgeable and experienced guy. His passion for sharing yoga is very evident, and he has a very reassuring, calm and grounding presence as a teacher. This is a great energy to learn with.

Scott Lowe

For the majority of us, yoga is about our own limits. For me is not about doing posture X – it’s about trying to do it, changing physiologically as you try, learning from it, making the impossible possible and defining a new limit. For that reason alone it contributes to the whole of my life.

Chris Locker

Yoga practice was a deciding factor in my success as a batsman” As a Junior, I would start my day early with some yoga stretching followed by focused breathing practice. Then at seven am I would go directly to batting practice and bring that calm focus along with me

VVS LAxman – Indian Cricket Team

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