YFS talks to Paris Basson on mountain biking, big wave surfing and being a father




YFS: Lets take a quick look at your achievements to date:

PB: At the age of 6, I started surfing and riding BMX. By the age of 10, I was Western Province Champ and raced competitively till the age of 15. In the 1990’s Triathlon’s where on the rise and it looked like fun. I went on to win the Ironkids series. Surfing took over from the age of 15 and I competed on national and international levels along with having the opportunity to be a sponsored surfer, travel and hunt waves around the globe. The mountain biking scene fired up around 2000, this bit me in a big way. I found a great balance between surfing and riding.

I was able to train cardio when the waves where flat which in turn really helped me in the big waves. I currently race mountain bike but dabble in Cyclocross, Enduro Mtb, Road endurance and ultra- endurance distances.

YFS: What is an average day like from start to finish?

PB: Days are planned 1 to 4 days in advance due to swell/weather forecasts along side my training programs. The day starts around 4:50am-6am with either a group ride or specific targeted ride based on my goals and race season. I will do +-3-4 hrs in the morning out on the road bike or MTB bike. When home I ensure I have my nutrition within 20 mins post ride and stretch within that time. Then it’s my time with my little boy Brer (8 mths old) allowing Carrie (Mum) to go for a surf or a ride herself. I download my morning ride, do a bit of analyzing of the data on the ride, check swell, wind charts, emails and virtually plan the following day. If I am lucky I try surf for +-2hrs, if surf isn’t worth it, we will go for a swim and I will try do 2km’s.

I use the swissball, rowing machine, SUP, waterski and trail run for all my cross training needs.

My main work focus is that I have recently launched Todays Plan www.todaysplan.co.za in Africa which is an virtual online training software offering coaching program- cycling specifics.

YFS: How is the juggle of fatherhood and maintaining mental attitude working out?

PB: As anyone with kids will understand, time is very limited and you don’t want to miss out on the special moments. I find I just have plan better and work smarter. Sleep is the biggest hindrance as the body does not recover as quickly, so ensuring that I am not too fatigued to train is key. I try to follow how my body feels from day to day along with analyzing my charts in Todays Plan ensuring I don’t ride myself into detrimental state, which could lead to falling sick. I eat well (thanks to Carrie) and drink loads of water, which helps my overall mental state. This helps to know that I have the fuel to get up and do the hard yards.

YFS: I understand you have an injury; can we focus on it for a minute?

PB: How have you been managing?

As most athlete’s who train everyday the words “take it easy” or “just relax for a while” is hard to suck back. I have found the route cause of my knee injury and taken the steps to build supporting muscles. Jim Harrington has formulated a personal yoga plan that will not only help with my injury but better my overall core strength and body flexibility. Within the first week of incorporating 10 or so moves that Jim gave me I felt less pain when surfing resulting in a better mental state.

YFS: Do you have any hopes or expectations from yoga?

PB: For me I look for every 1 % to better myself in the things that I endeavor and as I am getting older even more so to stay stronger, supple, injury and stress free.

YFS: Lastly sports goals for 2016?

PB: I am currently racing the JHB2C MTB race from JHB to Scottsburgh, which is 900km offroad. Then after that I just intend to keep doing what I am doing and enjoy it. Throw in a list of stage races, a few one day 100km MTB races and a bucketlist of waves I want to surf with a little bit travel.




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