The writings of Jim Harrington

‘I was in Bangkok in 1992. I had a badly injured knee, a bureaucratic obstacle and not a lot of money.
The obstacle was that I needed to replace a passport that was a temporary one. There is a juicy pre-story but that’s for another day.
My knee couldn’t bend and couldn’t fully straighten but I could walk on the toes with the leg a little bent. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament was torn and it really should have been surgically repaired. Hobbling across some of the roads in Bangkok traffic in that condition was a little hair raising at times.
I needed to stay a while for my passport to come through so I found some work teaching English.
I was missing the islands and the warm ocean. I had spent the past six months exploring and surfing remote reefs off the islands Sumatra…’
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The Taste of Freedom





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