Pierre de Villiers – Shaper and pioneer to some of the biggest waves



Pierre de Villiers is a local shaper, making custom surfboards with his business Dreamshop for over 30 years. He has been the pioneer and still is, to some of the biggest waves the Cape has seen.

YFS: What is classed as big surf? (over how many ft)

PdV: When I see a wave the size of a single story house, its starting to look big and for my son, a wave the size of a kombi.

YFS: What is the longest you have been held under for?

PdV: I can’t answer that, I really don’t pay much attention to how long when I am under pressure, my mind is on other things.

YFS: What has helped you in your training?

PdV: I do no training whatsoever but if its long breath hold you’re looking for, in my opinion and experience, its 90 percent mental.

We agree whole heartedly.

One aspect of Yoga is Pranayama and one aspect of Pranayama is Kumbhaka.

Kumbhaka includes stopping the breath either in, out or midway. The key to success in this part of yoga is not to be forceful in the breath hold but to be able to relax into the process.

A skill which takes practice, which Pierre has plenty of.

You can find pierre at dreamshop: www.dreamshop.co.za


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