The writings of Jim Harrington

‘I was in Bangkok in 1992. I had a badly injured knee, a bureaucratic obstacle and not a lot of money. The obstacle was that I needed to replace a passport that was a temporary one. There is a juicy pre-story but that’s for another day. My knee couldn’t bend and couldn’t fully straighten but […]

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What I learned from Simon, Gary & Sachin…

Three different people who all taught me, by example, the same thing: This distillation of wisdom and attitude is going to become the principle for the new yoga business in Cape Town.  Sachin Tendulkar recently retired from cricket. Considered the greatest batting talent ever and virtually worshiped as a living deity in India. Gary Kirsten is an […]

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Frank Soloman on Yoga, Surfing and being True

‘I first met Frank Solomon at my Yoga class around 4 years ago. A 33yr old Professional Surfer who’s program is to follow the winters, his sponsors send him to chase the biggest rideable waves around the globe. I caught up with Frank for a surf at Llandudno Beach last week and recorded this interview […]

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The SAID Principle – (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand)

    The SAID principle is one of the most important basic concepts in Sport science. It is an acronym for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. That sounds technical but it’s actually quite a common sense idea. It means that when the body is placed under some form of stress, it starts to make adaptations […]

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Yoga won’t hurt you, only you will hurt you. Who is to blame?

That moment you find yourself in a yoga class in a sea of people: it is the first class after work, and really, when else will you find time to go? You are craning over your front leg and your hamstring is on fire, your balance is on edge but you must complete the pose […]

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Jim Harrington speaks out. A message to the author of Natural Born Heroes.

    I opened Christopher McDougall’s book in the bookstore to get a feel for it. He had me at, “It takes a very affluent and indulged culture to convince itself that standing around in weird positions is exercise. Have you ever used yoga for anything useful? No. Has anyone ever shouted Quick, Sun salute […]

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YFS talks to Paris Basson on mountain biking, big wave surfing and being a father

    YFS: Lets take a quick look at your achievements to date: PB: At the age of 6, I started surfing and riding BMX. By the age of 10, I was Western Province Champ and raced competitively till the age of 15. In the 1990’s Triathlon’s where on the rise and it looked like […]

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Freediver John Daines on holding your breath

          No doubt by now you have seen the trailer for Narcose, a beautifully shot film by talented Julie Gautier with husband Guillaume Néry, world champion freediver. South Africa has their own talented husband and wife team, John and Daniela Daines. John is the current DYN South African record holder @ […]

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Pierre de Villiers – Shaper and pioneer to some of the biggest waves

  Pierre de Villiers is a local shaper, making custom surfboards with his business Dreamshop for over 30 years. He has been the pioneer and still is, to some of the biggest waves the Cape has seen. YFS: What is classed as big surf? (over how many ft) PdV: When I see a wave the […]

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One on One with Nico PfitZENmaier

Nico PfitZENmaier is an elite mountain biker and a truly passionate athlete. He gives a whole lot of credit to yoga, we met up with him and here is what he had to say. YFS: How has yoga helped you in your cycling NP: I have been practicing yoga for 6 years. It is unbelievable […]

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