Yoga as Cross Training

Yoga is a great low-impact way to cross train. Take any activity, and repeat it enough times and you are guaranteed to develop muscular imbalance. This is a precursor to injury. Most professional athletes do some form of cross training.

While it may seem like another task in an already busy training schedule, cross training with yoga is a valuable time saver in the long term. It is a combination of flexibility training, core strength, balance, and mental training – all rolled into one.

A yoga-based cross training program can help athletes recover from hard workouts, relieve training boredom, and reduce injury.

Yoga itself can be done in a variety of ways – at a high or low intensity to suit any athletic need and fit into any training program. It improves lung capacity, and makes you feel mentally sharp and calm at the same time.

Yoga is Neural Training

Carefully applied stretches and postures tone the nervous system.

Many of the traditional yoga positions are essentially the same as therapeutic techniques used in Modern Exercise Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. These neural tensioning techniques are used to lightly manipulate the nerves in their myofascial sheath and restore range of movement.

Yoga postures enhance conductivity and function in the neurons, which results in two things: an ability to (1) react more quickly to stimuli, and (2) to better relax muscles at will. A combination of relaxed but toned muscles, and sharp reflexes is ideal for anyone who plays sport.

It’s a Mind Game

Breathing and yoga training teach you to “keep your head” when things gets tough. Competitive and adventure sports are always mind games. Being able to stay focused, act in the moment and avoid panic are all skills that yoga practice develops.