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Yoga for runners – the warm-up

For years we’ve heard from mainstream experts that yoga can improve your running, but haven’t really figured out how to integrate it into our training programmes – besides a few cool-down stretches at the end of a run. The following short sequence of moves was designed especially for runners to do first thing in the […]

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Yoga helps surfers to take off quicker

Surfing and Yoga: aspects of yoga that positively effect surfing with a specific focus on the core muscles and the take-off By Nick Aldridge The ways in which yoga improves and facilitates surfing are numerous. Before we look specifically at how working with the core muscles in yoga can improve surfing, I’d like to give […]

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Shoulder injury in professional cricketers

To describe the impact of shoulder injuries on professional cricketers during the 2005 England and Wales first class cricket season. To read the full paper clickShoulder injury in professional cricketers.

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