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Yoga for surfers

What Our Clients Say

For the majority of us, yoga is about our own limits. For me is not about doing posture X – it’s about trying to do it, changing physiologically as you try, learning from it, making the impossible possible and defining a new limit. For that reason alone it contributes to the whole of my life.

– Chris Loker

Yoga  practice was a deciding factor in my success as a batsman” As a Junior, I would start my day early with some yoga stretching  followed by focused breathing practice. Then at seven am I would go directly to batting practice and bring that calm focus along with me

– VVS LAxman - Indian Cricket Team

A big obstacle is that many guys initially tend to think that yoga won’t be challenging enough for them.  Pro athletes have long discovered that yoga provides the platform for endurance, concentration and fortitude.

– Rusty Wells